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  • Osoragdolls is a Registered T.I.C.A. Ragdoll Member, located in Washington State. We sell authentic Ragdoll kittens stemming from the oldest Ragdoll breeder established in 1977. Our Ragdolls stem from RAGNAROK authentic lines, which were purchased from Ann Baker (originator of the Ragdoll breed). 
  • Our cats are HCM, FELV and FIV negative. All kittens come with a written, one-year health guarantee.
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Location: We are located just one hour north of Seattle, Washington.

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(425) 923-5337,
Queen Dalzee of Ragnarok - Fall 2020 Kitten Reservations Available. Traditional Seal Points, Minks and Seal Bicolors will be available! Call to reserve yours today! 425.923.5337
Daisy is a beautiful Seal Mink mitted Ragdoll, with a very loving, sweet disposition. Her fur is very soft, much like a rabbit's coat. She loves being cuddled up in your lap and gives hugs! Many of her kittens have been placed as therapy cats.
Osoragdolls Midnight
Fall 2020 Reservations Open Now. Beautiful Seal Sepias, Seal Points and Minks expected.
Midnight is an exquisite Seal Sepia with striking green eyes. She is a very affectionate, warm cat, who represents the Ragdoll breed very well. 
Queen Snowball of RAGNAROK, Fall 2020 Reservations Available.
Snowball is an exquisite looking Blue Point/Tortie. She has a very outgoing and loving disposition. She loves her cat tree and cat toys!
Future Queen Stormi, Fall 2020 Reservations Available
Queen Stormi is a beautiful Blue Mink/Bicolor. She is very loving and affectionate, and loves being cuddled and held. We are so thrilled to have her as a part of our family.
Queen Preshus of RAGNAROK, Fall 2020 Reservations Available.
Preshus is a breathtaking Blue Point/Bicolor. She is a very docile and gentle cat. Her loving disposition is always shown.
Queen Sunflower of RAGNAROK, Fall 2020 Reservations Available. Traditional Seal Points, mitted and non, are expected.
Sunflower's personality is as bright of the flower she is fondly named after. Seeing her look at you with her pretty blue eyes brings much warmth! She is very affectionate and loving in her disposition.
 King Cyrus
King Cyrus comes from Queen Ragnarok's Preshus and King Sawyer. He is a breathtaking Seal Lynx Bicolor. He has a very warm, affectionate personality, and loves playing fetch and chasing toys. 
King Sebastian of Ragnarok
Sebastian is a very stunningly handsome Seal Colorpoint. He has a very talkative personality, and loves being brushed. He keeps us company all day long!
Prior Kittens Placed in Loving Homes
Cream Point, 6 weeks, nicely marked coloring.
Parents: King Sebastian and Queen Snowball
Prior Kittens Placed
Seal Bicolors, 7 weeks old. Gorgeous markings. 
Parents: Queen Daisy and King Sebastian
Our Kittens range in price from $1,350.00 to $1,550.00, U.S.D.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is included in the price? Your kitten comes with a two-year health guarantee against any genetic disorders, two sets of age appropriate vaccinations and deworming.
2. Will my kitten be litter box trained? Yes, your kitten will be fully box trained. We use softwood pine pellets, which are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe to humans and pets.
3. What food is recommended? Dry and wet foods are given to our cats. Purified water is also recommended.
4. How do I integrate our new kitten into our home? A slow introduction to all family members will make for an easier transition. We recommend a small room for one week where the litter box is kept before letting the kitten out freely into the entire home, keeping excess doors closed while you are gone.
5. Will my kitten be used to nail trimmings? Yes, we start this process early on, massaging their paws and gently trimming the tips of their nails. This should be done on a weekly basis. Your kitten will also need a cat tree to use.
6. At what age do you place your kittens? We place our kittens at 12 weeks of age.
Customer Tutorials
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